Chemistry Year 12 Course Content                        Year 11

Year 12 Course Structure and Requirements            Glossary

Year 12 course


(120 hours)

Working Scientifically Skills



Depth studies

Module 5

Equilibrium and Acid Reactions


*15 hours

in Modules 5–8

Module 6

Acid/Base Reactions

Module 7

Organic Chemistry


Module 8

Applying Chemical Ideas


*15 hours must be allocated to depth studies within the 120 indicative course hours.

Requirements for Practical Investigations


Scientific investigations include both practical investigations and secondary-sourced investigations. Practical investigations are an essential part of the Year 12 course and must occupy a minimum of 35 hours of course time, including time allocated to practical investigations in depth studies.


Practical investigations include:

      undertaking laboratory experiments, including the use of appropriate digital technologies



Secondary-sourced investigations include:

      locating and accessing a wide range of secondary data and/or information using and reorganising secondary data and/or information.