Australian Animals, The Spotted Bowerbird       Student Name.      Rami Saoor


Common Name; Spotted Bowerbird

Biological name; Chlamydera Maculate

Description. The spotted bowerbird is a sedentary, mid-sized passerine found across broad parts of the drier habitats of eastern Australia. The species is known for its remarkable behaviours, like many other bowerbirds, which include bower building and decorating, courtship displays and vocal mimicry. Spotted bowerbirds are locally common, however, overall, the population is thought to be in decline.



Habitat. They inhabit the dry inland of eastern Australia, where they nest and breed in woodland communities and associated understoreys near watercourses.



Location. In NSW, spotted bowerbirds are found in grassed woodlands on the western slopes and plains.


Diet fruit, flowers, and seeds, but arthropods are also consumed.


Conservation Status, Spotted bowerbirds are listed as least concern by the IUCN Red List and are locally common, however, overall, the species is thought to be in decline.



Interesting Facts They are renowned for their unique courtship behaviour.



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