Australian Animals       Student Name.   Rana

Animal.  Spotted Tail Quoll

Common Name.  Tiger Quoll

Biological name.  Dasyures maculatus


Description. The spotted-tailed quoll is about the size of a domestic cat, but has shorter legs and a more pointed face than a cat. Its fur is rich red to dark brown, and covered with white spots on the back which continue down the tail



Habitat.   Lives in various environments including forests, woodlands, coastal heathlands and rainforests.



Location.  It is now found in eastern NSW, eastern Victoria, south-east and north-eastern Queensland, and Tasmania

Diet.   Rats, birds, rabbits, insects and reptiles.  



Conservation Status.  The Spotted-tailed Quoll population is seriously threatened throughout mainland Australia and these marsupials are rarely seen in Sydney.





Interesting Facts.

1. They're known as tiger quolls. Despite having spots and not stripes, the spotted-tailed quoll is also called the tiger quoll

2. They're small, but their kids are smaller

3. They pack a strong bite

4. They like to travel.