Student Name: Mazen Hussien Aly

Australian Animals: Black Cockatoo

Common Name: Tasmanian or short-billed black.

Biological name: Calyptorhynchus Iathami.

Description: Like the related red-tailed black cockatoo, this species is sexually dimorphic.

The male glossy black cockatoo is predominantly black with a chocolate-brown head and striking caudal red patches.

The female is a duller dark brown, with flecks of yellow in the tail and collar. The female's tail is barred whereas the male's tail is patched. An adult will grow to be about 46–50 cm (18–19.5 in) in length. The birds are found in open forest and woodlands, and usually feed on seeds of the she-oak.

Habitat: Is found mostly in Eucalyptus forests or woodlands.

Location: The Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo is found in South-eastern Australia, from Eyre Peninsula, South Australia to south and central eastern Queensland.

Diet: Black Cockatoos feed almost exclusively on the seeds of Allocasuarina species.

Conservation Status: The Black Cockatoo is Endangered as it has been impacted by the humans’ activities in the Eucalyptus forests.

Interesting Facts:   The male likes to breed with one female.

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