The Big Screen     From The Lumieres to The Wizard of Oz 1890 -1939.     Go to techniques

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Moving pictures were developed in the 1890s at first in France by the Lumiere brothers and then all over the world by many different producers.


The first features were Documentaries, films of people leaving work and catching trains all in black and white.


Click here to watch the first films of the Lumiere Brothers.


They made their first comedy The First Sprinkled in 1895.


Georges Méliès 1902 made the first Science Fiction “The Earth to the Moon”.


Experiments in colour film were made at the same time.


In 1906 The Story of the Kelly Gang made in Australia was one of the first feature length movies.


Silent movies ruled for 20 years with Comedy dominating in America and Drama in Russia.


In 1927 the world’s first movie with vocals was released, The Jazz Singer.


Colour film came of age with “The Wizard of Oz” in 1939.   Now to techniques