Australian Animals

Student Name Yasameen SALEH

Common Name: southern cassowary

Biological name: casuarius casuarius

Description: The casuaius casuarius is a big animal and has many colours black, orange, blue and it also has small eyes and a big beak.


Habitat: The dense rainforest cassowary’s secretive nature makes them difficult to see.


Location: Northern Queensland through New Guinea and Eastern Indonesia.


Diet: Cassowaries prefer fallen fruit, but will eat small vertebrates, invertebrates, fungi, carrion and plants.


Conservation Status: The southern cassowary is listed as 'Endangered' under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.


Interesting Facts:The cassowary has also been named the most dangerous bird in the world. Their heavy, muscular legs have three toes bearing a large dagger-like claw used for fighting and scratching.