Data Flow Diagrams             More detail from SmartDraw                 Word worksheet download

1.                 What is a data flow diagram?


2.                 Draw a table that shows the four most common DFD symbols.

Yourdon/De MARCO            Gane/Sarson                       SSADM                              Unified


















3.                 What is an external entity?

4.                 What is a process?

5.                 What do data stores do?

6.                 What are the four best practices for mapping data flow?

     7.                 Outline the four levels of DFD s? 

8.                 Outline who uses Data Flow Diagrams and why they are useful.


    9 Draw a simple level 0 data flow diagram.



10 Describe a Level 1 Data Flow Diagram


11. Draw a Level 1 Data Flow Diagram



12., Draw a Level 2 DFD.


13. Outline the seven steps in constructing a data flow diagram.