Digital Representation of Data.               Worksheet.

         1. What is the fundamental machine language?

2.  How are data represented in the Binary System?

3.  Why are binary values converted into decimal values?

4.  Copy the Binary / Decimal Table from the video.

Data Representation of text.    

1.What is text?

 2. Describe how text is ;-

·      Collected

·      Processed and Stored.

·      Displayed

 3. What do we see on the screen?

  4. What does the computer see on the screen?

  5. What is the value we see?


 Digital representation of data - Image     Worksheet

  1. What are the two classifications of digital images?
  2.  How are bit-mapped images created?
  3.  What happens when bit-mapped images are modified?
  4.  What software uses bit-mapping?
  5.  List four kind of bit-mapped software.
  6.  What are Vector graphics?
  7.  How are vector graphed images stored?
  8.  What happens when Vector images are scaled?
  9.   Name two kinds of Vector imaging software.
  10. List three Vector file formats.

      Digital representation of  data - Audio

    Digital representation of  data - Video


 Digital representation of data - Image