Student Name: Sameer APPASA


Animal: Australian Little Penguin

Common Name: Little Penguin


Biological name: Edyta novaehollandiae


Description: Australian Little Penguin head and upper parts are blue in colour. It is about 30 – 35 cm and weighs 1.5 kg with a length of 43 cm. Little Penguin wings have developed into flippers used for swimming.



Habitat: Australian Little Penguins spend most of the day out at sea feeding, the Little Penguin comes ashore in coastal habitats to rest at night.



Location: The Little Penguin lives only in Australia and New Zealand. They are found right along the southern edge of Australia and Tasmania.


Diet: Australian Little Penguins feed on small fish, anchovies, pilchards, garfish and krill (shrimp like crustaceans).


Conservation Status: The Little Penguin kind is in danger as the last colony of little penguins at Manly on Sydney Harbour is protected as an endangered population under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.



Interesting Facts: The Little Penguin can sleep at sea dozing on the water surface also the Little Penguin can travel distances of over 1000 km in the first year of its life.