Australian Animals       Student Name Sohaila ali

Animal Parma Wallaby

Common Name Parma wallaby

Biological namemacropus parma


 A small hopping kangaroo like animal. It is a mammal native to the forests of Southeastern Australia

It's size is about a fat cat, head body and length up to 52cm. The fur is uniform greyish brown on the back and shoulder with a dark stripe  ending mid back.


Preferred habitat is moist eucalypt forest with thick, shrubby understorey, often with nearby grassy areas, rainforest margins and occasionally drier eucalypt forest.




It is found only in areas of the Great Dividing Range in New South Wales, from the Watagan Mountains in the south to the Gibraltar Range in the north.


Parma wallabies are herbivores and feed on grasses and herbs. Parma wallabies are mostly solitary and usually active at night, sleeping during the day amongst dense vegetation



Conservation Status

Near Threatened

A Parma Wallaby's tail is the same length as its body. The female can become fertile again just days after giving birth