Places for Year 12 Picnic on Thursday 19th September

Write a piece of persuasive writing that explains where we should go for our Year 12 picnic.

1.           Choose your favourite spot you can use the links below or choose a place that you know already.

2.           Find out the following information

Location include a map if you can

Facilities toilets, playing fields, barbecues, shelter, etc

3.           Cost because we have a big group 80 -90 there may be costs that small groups do not have.

4.           Write a description of the venue 100 200 words.

Put all of your information together in about 300 500 words.

Why _______________ is the best place for our Year12 picnic.


Royal National Park Audley

Warragamba Dam

Nielsen Park

Mount Annan Botanical Gardens

Bents Basin

Georges River National Park

Plough and Harrow -Western Sydney Parklands

Auburn Botanical Gardens