Syllabus    Yearly Exam   Multiple Choice 

 Term Three 

    1. - Organising Data !    Worksheet One

    2. Data Storage      Worksheet 

    3. Code of Conduct  Worksheet

    4. Flowcharts            Worksheet 

    5.  Level One Data Flowcharts  Worksheet

    6. Social, Legal and Ethical Issues   Worksheet

 Welcome to IPT Prelim 2023            Multiple Choice   

  Topic One        -   Introduction to Information Skills and Systems

  Task  Two       -   The Seven Steps of the Information Process.

  Task  Three     -  Worksheet on Slideshare on Information systems

  Task  Four       -  Ethics and Information Technology

  Task Five        -   Data vs Information

   Task Six         -   Data Flow Diagrams

   Task Seven     -  Databases from the BBC complete reading and Quiz

   Task  Eight     -  Networks

   Task Nine       -  Video Review - Information Systems

   Task Ten         -  Video Review Netflix as an information system.

   Task Eleven   -  Facebook as an information system

   Task Twelve  -  Digital representation of data

    Task Thirteen  - ICT Industries.

    Project Assessment  due 9th Aug 2023

    Exam May 2023     Examdoc 

    Project Assessment Part 1  Complete Exercise.

   Project Management Assessment task - Construct a Gantt Chart for the Project


Classwork for weeks 9 and 10 Term Two - to be completed by 29th July

 Complete test as research using web search for 27th June 2023