Tasks for website Collection phase. Stage One

Each student is to collect a minimum of six websites that support IPT and

the subjects that they have been allocated.

Mohammed Badwi English Standard; Modern History; Arabic; French; Business Studies.

Halima Ebrahimi EALD; Earth and Environmental; PDH; Biology; Business Services

Nadeem Ullah EALD; SLR; Construction; Industrial Technology.

Bilal Khalfaoui EALD; SLR; French; Business Services; Arabic; Maths.

Nycolyn Ramos EALD; Music; Maths; French; Biology; Modern History.

Ammar Shehabat English Standard ; Modern History; Ancient History; Business Studies; IDT.

Mohammad Umar Sohail English Standard; Maths and Maths Extension; Studies of Religion; Physics.


    Each subject must have;-

- Two links to Nesa 1 for Syllabus 2 for past papers.

- Four links to support materials from non government providers

- Links to three useful videos.


Your links should be pasted on to a single page word file and saved in Collaboration.

When students have completed the exercise they should consult with other students

Who did the same subjects and compare their findings.