Sentence Structure in English    Click here for animation

English is made up of sentences.

                                     The Simple Sentence.

     A sentence is a single thought.

    The sentence begins with a CAPITAL LETTER.

     The sentence ends with a full stop.

                Every sentence must have a subject and a verb. 

       The basic sentence is the simple sentence. -Watch the video here

        In the video you are shown the subject and the verb.

        They call the rest of the sentence the object, sometimes this is given other names like predicate or information 

                            Simple Sentence = Subject Verb Object 

       Not all sentences are SIMPLE some get a bit complicated.

     When you put two simple sentences together with a Conjunction, you end up with    


                                            The Compound Sentence

       Conjunctions are words that join.

     They are - For  And  Nor  But  Or  Yet  So  click on the FANBOYS for video.

     A Compound Sentence  =  Subject Verb Object and Subject Verb Object  joined by a      FANBOY


               Click here for animation

                                             The Complex Sentence

     Some sentences are COMPLEX They have  Subject Verb Object joined to Subject Verb  Object by a subordinating conjunction   - like because, when, before, if........ 

     Watch the Video from Teacher In Your Pocket here